vBulletin Message

Hello Community,

We are very sorry and sad to say: Fantasylc is closing. The live game/world will be closed on August 1st. The website and forum will shut down at the same time.

Unfortunately, Fantasylc has not attracted an audience large enough to sustain itself and based on a long period of experimentation and our best estimates, it seems unlikely that it ever would. As we donít have powerful technic and steady resource to sustain the update of our game, it was unlikely to do so before its time was up.

For many of us, the team of Fantasylc, making the game more fun was a long-held dream. There's no better word than "heartbreaking" to describe what it feels like to have to do this. And we know that for many of you who poured your energy and imagination into Fantasylc and the community, it will be heartbreaking as well. We are sorry to have let you down.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to play with you.

We had ambitious goals to create fantasy and worthwhile game with a wide audience that would be very successful, both creatively and financially ó and therefore make lots of money for our employees and for our investors. But we technically failed to sustain its development and financially failed to maintain our employment for all the team.

Thank you for all your support to Fantasylc.

All players can still sign up to play Fantasylc live sever till August 1st.

Cash donation will be stopped during this week.

If you still have remaining cash not spend in your account till August 1st , you can apply to move the cash to other games operated by fantasylc team. Welcome!


We are really sorry. We failed you. And it is very, very painful: no-one wanted Fantasylc to succeed more than us. Every time we look at the game, we see the incredible effort that went into each little detail. Knowing the result that all effort will disappear is a terrible feeling, like losing an old friend.

We know that many of you are hurting too ó many of you put enormous efforts into supporting Fantasylc, supporting the team, encouraging new players and much more. We are, really, truly, genuinely sorry. But, we hope the times we enjoyed will be remembered and cherished, even if they can't continue.

It was a privilege to create this with and for you, and we feel a great deal of gratitude.

Sorry for this sad announcement. But we've been through this from all angles, over and over and over, and we still have to say, Fantasylc is closing.

Thank you again for all your support and love.

FantasyLC Team