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  1. Now Recruiting for the guild OrderOfTheFallen!! All are welcome

    We do not require a certain level, character or payment to become a member. We do have a Code of Ethics and rules that we expect our members to abide by. We are a social group, and hope that members will be social and friendly with each other. After all, the game is more fun with friends. We are a helpful guild. New members are highly encouraged to ask questions, for advice and for help when they need it. Experienced players, thus, are highly encouraged to be helpful. We gladly ...
  2. time out on my other account

    Skyze here, its been a week im not on playing but today i tried to play but i cant log in my other account with my Skyze toon. it just keep on giving me a timeout if i select a server.but with my other account with xScream i can login.

    Only in channel 1 i can login but other channels i cant.

    Hope u can help me with this.

    Updated 02-23-2015 at 05:18 AM by xscream03

  3. [Event] Forum Lottery Event

    Quote Originally Posted by Yato View Post
    Yato number 22
  4. MFC Application failed (Blood hope u can help me)

    Blood SkyZe here.i need help i cant play LC due to error on the says Last Chaos MFC application has stopped working.i uninstalled and reinstalled the game but still the same error.
  5. Vorsicht Abzocke/ Beware rip off

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    ich hoffe es bringt auch was
    aus Schaden wird man klug aber nicht reich -.-
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